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1. What are infiniti thin clients?

2. What are the power savings from an infiniti TC?

3. What are the savings on Anti-virus?

4. What are the savings on maintenance costs?

There are practically no maintenance costs and you don’t require AMC for TCs

5. Does an infiniti TC run on Windows and Linux?

Yes. An infiniti TC runs on all versions of Windows as well as Linux

6. Is an infiniti TC good for if I want to have just one PC?

No. An infiniti TC is good if you have more than 1 PC as you need a host CPU or a server to connect to a thin client.

7. What is the warranty on TCs?

All infiniti TCs come with 1 year replacement warranty.

8. What is the life of a TC?

Infiniti TCs last for 3-4 years depending on the environment it is deployed in.

9. What is the price of a TC?

The prices of TC start from INR 4200 and varies with the model you select and that is right for you.