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Help & FAQ


1. How does the service work?

2. What are the service timings/days

3. Within what time will you send the technical expert?

4. What are the charges for a technical visit support?

We charge a flat fee of Rs. 395 (including all taxes) for every service visit.

5. Do you guarantee resolution of issue?

We do not guarantee resolution of issues. However, we do everything possible to resolve the issue. Our resolution hit rate is 99%. There are rare cases where an issue cannot be resolved.

6. Should I pay even if the issue is not resolved?

Yes. We come all the way to your place and do everything possible to resolve the issue. Even if the issue is not resolved, you need to pay the mandatory service charge of Rs. 395. You can, however, be rest assured that we will do everything possible to resolve the issue (resolving issues is our bread and butter)

7. What if the issue resolution requires a hardware repair/replacement?

There are instances when resolution requires repairing hardware. In this case, you can choose to handover the hardware identified to our technician who will bring it to our center. After diagnosis, we will give you a quote. You can choose to get it repaired or choose to take back the unrepaired hardware. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO COLLECT AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIP FROM OUR TECHNICIAN WHEN YOU HAND OVER THE HARDWARE.

8. What if I don’t want to get it repaired once you give the quote?

We will return the unrepaired hardware within 2 working days and charge you a nominal Rs. 110 for return charges. In case you choose to get it repaired from us, we don’t charge you for returning the repaired hardware.

9. What are the repair charges?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a repair charges list as charges can be ascertained only after diagnosis. BUT WE PROMISE THAT REPAIR CHARGES ARE THE MOST REASONABLE IN THE INDUSTRY.

10. Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the service order within 15 mts of placing it.

11. What if my issue is resolved before you visit me?

If you did not cancel the order within 15 mts of placing it and if your issue is resolved before the technical expert visits you, we request you to pay Rs. 150/- as a fee for visiting you.